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Calculating the Cost of Senior Living

When deciding on the right senior living community for you, many factors come into play. And while each person's list of 'must-have' amenities might vary from one to the next - affordability is certainly a line item on everyone's list. Two of our most frequently asked questions are, "How much does independent living cost?" and "What is included?"

Our Independent and Assisted Living community in Phoenix offers several senior living options to fit a wide range of budgets. If you are unsure of what your budget might be or if you want to explore affordable senior housing, we encourage you to visit our Paying for Senior Living page to learn more. 

When comparing the cost of senior living to your current living situation, it's essential to review what services and amenities are included in independent living and consider the benefits of what senior living communities have to offer.

It's not only how many meals are included in your monthly rent but also the intrinsic value of sharing a meal with neighbors.


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The intrinsic value of human connection - gathering around a table to share a meal with others, developing new friendships, learning new hobbies, and becoming part of a community. Household budgets don't have a line item for these assets, yet these are all fundamentals in maintaining your independence, overall health, and wellness. Priceless.

The Costs and Benefits of Independent Living

We have created the worksheet below to help you compare the costs of your current living situation with the costs of living in a retirement community like Fellowship Square Phoenix. This worksheet will also help you weigh the amenities and services included in your monthly rent – such as lawn care, housekeeping, and maintenance, against the costs of similar services you currently pay for in your own home.

As you go through the worksheet, enter the amount you currently pay at home next to each expense type. For costs such as unexpected home or appliance repairs, it's sometimes helpful to look at past repair bills and enter a ballpark number.

You can also download a print-friendly version here.

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Cost Comparison Worksheet

Expense Type
Present Living Situation
Independent Living at Fellowship Square Phoenix
Rent/​Mortgage Payment
In this column, enter the monthly rate for the apartment you're interested in. If applicable, add $575 for 2nd occupant.
Homeowners/​Renters Insurance
*Renters insurance recommended.
Expanded Cable Included.
Only enter dollar amount if you will purchase an upgraded TV package from cable provider.
Free WiFi & computers are available in Activities Center.
Only enter dollar amount if you'll be purchasing Internet service for your apartment.
Monthly rent includes 25 meals/month/person. For additional meal prices, please refer to the menu at the bottom.
Home Maintenance
Plumbing leak?
Air conditioner on the fritz?

We've got it taken care of.
Heating/​Air Conditioning
Pool Service
Appliance Repair
House Cleaning Service
Automobile & Associated Costs
With scheduled transportation included, many residents find they rarely drive their own car!
Car Payment
If you don't plan on bringing a car, you can leave these lines blank.
Registration & Auto Insurance
Entertainment & Wellness
Dining Out & Social Events
The vast majority of activities and social events on campus are free. For trips off campus, such as attending live theater or visiting a museum, residents pay for their admission ticket and incidentals.
Personal Security Alert
Included for each resident
Gym Membership

Dining Options and Additional Meals

In the Main Dining Room, additional meals can be charged to the resident's account and they are $12 each for residents and guests.

In the Garden Café, menu items are priced individually. Residents can charge to their account, pay by cash or credit/debit card.

Garden Café Menu

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