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Christi Irwin, NHA

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Christian Care Rehabilitation Center

Christi joined the Christian Care Fellowship Square Team in January 2022 as the Christian Care Health Center Administrator. Since then, she has guided the Health Care Center through its transition to the Short-Term Rehabilitation Center it is today. She was raised in Arizona and has lived most of her life in the north Phoenix community.

Christi has a Bachelor of Arts in Health Services Management and a Master of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Innovation.

For many years, Christi worked on the administrative side of health care in hospitals as the Director of Medical Staff Services. In this role, she evaluated the credentials and quality of care physicians and advanced care practitioners provided.

Christi holds several certifications, including a Certified Provider Credential Specialist (CPCS) and a Certified Professional Medical Services Management (CPMSC).

In 2016, Christi got her Nursing Home Administrator’s license and returned to her passion, senior living.

Christi enjoys volunteering and has served on several local and national boards.

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